Weigh In Wednesday

I have decided that I need to be more accountable, and not just gripe about my issues with binge eating disorder. I am determined to make changes, so here is where you get to watch me change:

Highest Weight - 275      Lowest weight - 238

Weigh in Wednesday begins: 

4/18/12     267
4/25/12     271
5/2/12       267 
5/9/12       264 
5/16/12    264 
5/24/12    267

Thanks for your patience during my hiatus. Things are starting to look up as far as my health is concerned. I look forward to the day when life's "hiccups" don't cause me to abort my fitness goals. So, here we go again. Hopefully this time there will be a steady downward trend.

8/8/12      268

3/1/13      305 (see thyroid madness blog post)
1/22/14    269
1/29/14    268

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